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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Love the smiths

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Livi's Dedication

Olivia was dedicated last sunday at church it was nice. I really wanted to download the MP3 i had for it but I cant figure it out, if anyone knows how I would get that from my email to this blog I will give it a shot...but for sure you can
enjoy the pictures though!!!!!

I love fall!!!

The Dinosaur and Bumbble bee...

First food..Yummmm

I absolutely love fall in the Northwest and feel bad for those who are missing out because it is my very favorite time of year!!! So much time has been passing though in our lives everyday fly by and it is sad to see how fast our kids are growing up.(It is funny you always hear that before you have kids and never really notice until you do have kids that life is so short I really do try and savor every moment with them). We have enjoyed our October and November this year Riley is at such a fun age of really noticing and remebering things in the world around him and loving life...We went to the pumpkin patch and he helped daddy pick up pumpkins and push the wheel barrow. He tells everyone he meets he is "2 now and big like his daddy"!!! He talks non- stop and oh the things that come out of his mouth he is a future comedian he loves to

Olivia is also getting big she has started to giggle, which I so love..It is adorable. She is in love with her daddy he is her favorite person she cant take her eyes off of him when he walks into a room and will smile at him any chance she gets. Of course he eats it up! She tried baby food for the first time but wasn't to sure of it ..I think it will take some getting use to! Riley is a great Big brother he adores her and is constantly loving all over her ...Fortunately she likes it.

I think that is all for now, mostly I wanted to share some fun pictures since it has been awhile since I have updated. ~~~Have a Happy Thanksgiving ~~~

Pumpkin Patch:-)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

more pictures...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

birthdays and thumbs

She sucks her thumb!!!

So she is a real thumbsucker. I thought she would in every ultra sound picture she was sucking on her hand in some way ... I went into her room in the middle of the night and she was sucking her thumb and since then every time we put her to bed or in her swing she is going to town on her right thumb. I have to say I know it is horrible but I am a little happy about it for several reasons: She cant lose her thumb at night like a binki, or drop it on the floor when you are driving, you dont have to go buy a new one when you leave it at someone's house..I can go on and is also
pretty darn cute!

Riley on the other hand is a "Big boy now"( as he says)..he turned 2 on September 8th and loved every minute of his birthday. I had decorated the house the night before with a bunch of balloons and streamers and so when he woke up our house was a big birthday celebration! We also took him to Red Robin the next day for lunch and they did there whole singing, ice cream and balloon thing he thought it was great since he loves being the center of attention he stood up on his chair and smiled from ear to ear!!! It is always so much fun to watch a child discover things for the first time it makes things that are so "normal" for me so much fun again!!!

Well I hadn't given an update for awhile so I thought it was about time. I know I have been getting a lot of questions lately about Rileys next MRI. The update on that is we were supposed to bring him in June for a 6 month follow-up which was when Olivia was born. We have been definitely dragging our feet on the whole thing it is really hard on Riley and the last one the tumor was so close to being gone only the radiologist could see it..anyways I think we may do it in December that will be a year from when his last one was.. We are really praying about the right thing to do we want to trust in God to finish his healing he did on Riley. So you can pray we feel a peace one way or the other to either have one more or not.
Anyway that is the update on the Smith kids....I will add pictures soon for some reason the website is not adding my pictures but I will try again soon I promise!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cutest Kids EVER

I just had to post some more pictures I am so thankful for my kids they are such good kids God has really blessed me with kids with so many simalarities(dont know about the spelling on that one)! Anyways they are AWSOME sleepers and just happy content children.. Ok enough bragging here are the pictures!!!

(the middle one is Riley with his cousin Zach!) (and the last one is Olivia's first smile!)

Monday, August 14, 2006

my handsome little man...

Riley was a ring barer in my cousin Matts wedding this last weekend. He was such a little stud and did an awsome job we were so proud of him. He walked down the aile and got there before the flowergirl so he went back to get her and relized she was in his exact words "making a big mess" by throwing flowers on the ground so procede to try and pick them up for her!!! It was adorable. We had a really great time swimming and enjoying Eastern Washington sunshine. I haven't posted about Olivia in awhile either she is doing great, a little porker she is up to 11 pounds and 7 weeks already! But starting to smile and is a very happy baby. Here are a couple pictures of my cute kids:-)

Friday, July 14, 2006

a proud big brother...

Riley loves his new sister and is so great with her...he calls her by her full name and loves to give her kisses. He is a great helper and is willing to do just about whatever we ask as long as it involves "helping Olivia"!!!!


Olivia Harmony Smith has arrived on June 28th at 7lbs2oz and 20in long!!!! Sorry it took me awhile to post right after Olivia was born I got a spinal headache from my epidural and was in bed for two weeks and on Monday I went back to the hospital because my headache was still not gone and I had started to lose my hearing. They did a procedure which seemed to work but today my hearing has started to go on me again so please pray for me that I can feel completly better soon!!! Olivia on the other hand is doing great I could'nt ask for a better baby she has been an angel!!!! We are a very happy family and thank God for our healthy baby!!!!!